Healing Ministry: Root or Fruit?

The roots are an important part of a plant. Root distribute nutrients needed by the stem, leaf, flower and fruit. The roots are also a foot or foundation needed to make  plants stand. But what  we often enjoy from a plant is it’s  strong body, the leaves that may have efficacy, beautiful flowers and fruits that are edible. Why? We often do not realize the importance of the role of roots because it is not readily seen, because usually roots are in the soil, in places that are not visible. What is interesting for us is often  things that are easily touched by our senses, like beautiful things that eyes can see, or something that we smell or good to eat.

The same thing often happens in everyday life, what is easily seen or enjoyed will be at the center of our attention. It is easy for us to judge someone from what is clearly visible to the eye or heard, such as behavior or words that are spoken. After evaluating them,  we will react according to our perceptions of the situations.

Isaiah 4 pictured God as a vineyard owner who has done everything required by the vine so it can grow and  produce a sweet fruit. But that expectation was in vain, as what is produced by the vineyard, which describes the people of Judah and Israel, is a sour fruit. Why? Because they reject the truth of the Word of God, and consequently “their roots will rot,” (Isaiah 5:24), so that whatever the outcome of the vine is not great.

Jesus said, “Make a tree good and its fruit will be good, or make a tree bad and its fruit will be bad, for a tree is recognized by its fruit.” (Matthew 12:33).The quality of the tree is known by its fruit. But what often happens, the produce is not a good fruit, then we worked up the fruit so it will look good. What Jesus intended is the importance of improving the quality of the tree, so the fruit will have a good quality. And in this case it is important to have good roots in the tree.

Important for a helper to help not just the fruit, or the problems that only visible on the surface. Any problems that exist in one’s life certainly has its roots buried and invisible, but the roots will give great influence and contribute  to the situation. By learning to discover the root of the problem, we as a helper will provide maximum relief for the people that we minister.


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